Albie Casiño: I Am Not The Daddy of Andi’s Baby

At least this is how netizens read between the line, as the former Star Magic talent posted an image on his social networking site.

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Yesterday, making rounds on social media is the post of Albie Casiño in Instagram.

The photo is a screen grab from a TV show abroad. The picture has a lower third reading YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!

Of course with recent reports surfacing that Jake had indeed agreed to a DNA testing of Andi’s baby, netizens figure out that Albie may already have confirmed that he is not the biological father of Andi Eigenmann’s baby.

As days go by, more and more people noticed how the baby looks really closely to Jake.


Andi is mum about it and she said in the last interview that she does not want to talk about it. Of course she does not want to talk about it because it would mean the death of her career.

One netizen commented that Albie suffered from the mistake of Andi. He lost his career because of the wrong choices of the actress.

Albie, who is now very happy with the non showbiz life he has, can now find peace and have been vindicated.

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The news (what oh my) about this has been circulating starting on, OMG, the date today

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