2014 Top Photos of Kim Chiu, Xian Lim on Instagram

These past few days the KimXi community has been bombarded with news about the reunion of Kimerald and their photo for a jewelry line endorsement went viral.

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Kim Chiu fans have always been supportive of the actress in everything she does.

And Kimmy have already said her side of the story.

But of course, with the actress’s new teleserye Ikaw Lamang piloting this Monday with a new pair up in the person of Coco Martin, the KimXi community never fails to remind everyone of how strong and supportive they can still be for their Chinita princess and their Chinito Prince.

Proof of that is how viral and trending photos are of the two on IG.


Here is a collection of these photos ranging from cutesy to crazy, original and just plain adorable, it even has a photo manip of the two with the famous Oscar Selfie viral pic and the couple depicted in a future family portrait, how cutie!


http://www.y outube.com/watch?v=UIoZt1zb2_o

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